Who Are We?

Wise Communication is a refreshingly real approach to helping people
work together, in an environment of trust and connectedness.

What we do

Out beyond the ideas of right and wrong there is a field, we will meet you there.

Wise Communication is New Zealand’s leading holistic communication development organisation.

If you’re an organisation, we can help you create a real human environment of trust and connectedness in your workplace. We teach teams effective communication through practical support, training and coaching on wellbeing, empathy, courage, authenticity and emotional resilience.

If you’re an individual, you can work one-on-one with Susie to improve your body/mind connection, enhance your interpersonal skills, create more human connection and collaboration in your life, become empowered to have courageous conversations, live your values, and achieve your ambitions.

Meet Susie...


Welcome to the field.

My superpowers are plain and simple, I generate trust. I’m all about health and wellbeing and I create a caring environment, with gentleness, humour and grace.

I have over 30 years of experience. My unique approach combines practical result-based training with embodied holistic wellbeing. I have the capacity to bring lightness into dark spaces, helping people to feel relaxed and safe.

There is so much collective trauma in our lives, which disconnects us from our bodies and the environment. We have come to a time in history where it is more important than ever to use the mind body (somatic) connection as a pathway to healing.

I have developed a unique set of tools to Integrate communication skills, mapping home to our hearts with mind and body exercises in order to settle our nervous system. These practices support connection and we can more easily see the innocence in ourselves and others.


From Me to We

Meet the people who support Wise.



Karanga is a way of welcoming you all to Wise, it is a warm invitation to the ancestors of this land and our ancestors, yours and mine. Karanga weaves a metaphorical spiritual rope around the guests (manuhiri) for safe passage to enter.

The karanga is an act of honoring and clearing space, it's something I practice daily as a sacred and sustainable practice to acknowledge all that surrounds us.