Create space for a shift - a new story
- and a deeper connection

Supporting Sustainable Business

We can help you with:

Team training - working with your team to help them skilfully and co-operatively address stress and communication challenges. An initial tailored event, followed by ongoing sessions based on your needs.

Individual support - focusing on the wellbeing of your people in your organisation, which is integral to the success of team training. Can include one on one coaching, yoga, and even dietary support.


One-on-One Coaching

My approach to one on one coaching is based on 30 years of experience and I bring my whole skill set to every session with you. I work intuitively and holistically helping you navigate life. I really look forward to working with you.

Yoga and Compassionate Movement

My yoga is a fusion of Feldenkrais and somatic non linear movement, giving you tools to become aware of patterns on and off the yoga mat. It's an integral part of the healing process.


Village Building

In our gatherings, the invitation is to step towards the mystery inside ourselves and tend to our inner garden;

To be compassionate in our discovery

To maybe learn to speak more from the heart.

To get back into nature and beyond our everyday home comforts

To find some solace in the unknown

To embrace what we’ve learnt and to take it out into the wider community to make a difference in this world.

What people are saying about Susie and Wise

"Susie’s empathy for others, and the passion for what she does, shines through her whole being."

"Her way and presence of delivering NVC, not as a head based training but embodying it as a lived alternative for a more beautiful world, was and is a blessing to witness."

"Her voice is so calming and she has that clarity and calmness you need when you can't see the wood for the trees."

"It is a real privilege and blessing to the country to have someone like her be a cornerstone of and for the Auckland and New Zealand NVC community."

"Susie has a talent for comprehending body-mind-spirit connection."

"I so loved your silent presence while I shared, it was palpable. I loved your contribution and care, the way you hold complexity with harmony."

"I really wished every person I knew in pain or suffering could meet and experience Susie Spiller. Her work is profound and you are lucky if you can get to work with her.

I have tapped into a whole new part of my body’s eco-system that I’ve been numbing with my mind. I’ve also come to see and own my over-reactions to people or events that have distressed me – I honestly thought it was them!

I now have a procedure that she has taught me, that calms my nervous system and helps me to give empathy to myself in tough situations. I have never had access to this before and it really is life-changing."

~ Bridgette

"Susie speaks the language of Angels. This language speaks deeply to the heart of what really matters - what it is to be human and how we can companion ourselves with kindness, compassion and aroha.

Susie's gentle guiding helps us to accept and embrace all the many aspects of ourselves that we struggle to face and in doing so brings us into a peaceful intimate understanding of just how magnificent we really are.

I am deeply grateful for Susie's generosity of spirit in sharing her gifts and language with me."

"Susie has compassion, warmth and intuition like no other therapist I have seen.

Her ability to companion my feelings led to the most speedy and profound release of trauma that I have ever experienced.

Through her empathy training I have managed to release a huge amount of the generalised anxiety that I had been carrying around for decades.

If you are feeling stuck in your life, looking to gain clarity or just hungry for personal insight and development.
I highly recommend working with Susie. "

~ Yajna


“Out beyond the ideas of right or wrong there is a field, I will meet you there.”

~ Rumi