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Susie Spiller | Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication

Susie Spiller


Over the last 30 years, I have worked with NZ businesses in holistic health and organisational wellbeing. My unique approach to working with both the individual and collective combines practical training and communication skills with inner development growth and goal setting.

I look forward to sharing with you an approach that has been crafted over a lifetime of practice, including 22 years of teaching somatic movement, (how the body informs the mind) to change embedded patterns that limit effectiveness.

As a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication and facilitator of The Virtues Project my purpose is to empower individuals to live by their deepest values and provide the tools to deepen our connection with ourselves and others.

There is so much collective trauma in our lives, which disconnects us from our bodies and the environment. We have come to a time in history where it is more important than ever to use the mind-body (somatic) connection as a pathway to healing.

Autumn Retreat

This is a gathering for folk to deepen kinship, village build and share ritual that nourishes the body mind system on many levels. Numbers are always limited.


Discover a new set of tools to attend to stress and communication challenges. These skills will support you to build bridges in your systems both at work and at home in these colourful and unpredictable times.

People & Organisations

The wellbeing of your people is vital. I work with your team to help them skilfully and co-operatively address stress and communication challenges. I am passionate about creating organisations that are healthy and wholesome.


Somatic movement, is how the body informs the mind. It's the cutting edge of relaxation and integrated connected movement. Reconnecting with your body and the environment to develop and balance all aspects of one’s being – body, mind, emotions and psyche.

“Out beyond the ideas of right or wrong there is a field, I will meet you there.”

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