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Winter and Summer Gathering + Festivals throughout the year

Wise Summer and Winter Gatherings


We are finding ourselves in a time where the everyday has stopped being life serving. Where many structures are falling apart and we are being asked to step into something new.

Right now we are being told that vulnerability is crucial, and that without it we cannot form meaningful relationships with ourselves or others. However, there are very few spaces where we can go and find ourselves greeted with beauty and depth to allow a sacred unraveling that is sorely needed right now. Places where we are allowed to drop the layers of conditioning and where we have a look at ourselves beyond what we know to be true. True inquiry takes courage and full self responsibility.

This is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards are deliciously surprising and at times bittersweet.

The invitation in this gathering is:

~ to step towards the mystery inside ourselves and to tend ~ to our inner garden
~ to be compassionate in our discovery and to maybe learn ~ to speak more from the heart
~ to get back into nature and beyond our everyday home comforts,
~ to find some solace in the unknown.
~ to embrace what we’ve learnt and what we will learn together and . . . .
~ to take our learnings out into the wider community to make a difference in this world.

This is a time for movers, shakers and mystery makers to get together and weave some magic.

How and What


This camp is intended to be a place where souls come together to find a new way of being with each other. It is held with an intention of honest and compassionate communication, guided by a framework of NVC principles. Our aim is to co-create a community where everyone's needs matter. Our vision is for people to grow with intention, to play and step towards life and each other with curiosity. Reclaiming a connection to the land and a sense of meaningful culture, are an important aspect of this process, so we use ritual, storytelling, nature and music as anchors. As well as other modalities such as PM, restorative yoga, the virtues project, embodied movement, and possibility management.

Some aspects of camp are set by us for ease and flow, in order to allow participants a smooth landing of sorts. As such we have set communal meal times prepared by cooking teams made up from camp participants.


We also have a morning circle everyday after breakfast to gather and plan our day. This is where you get to have input and we encourage you to feel into what kind of offerings you might like to bring to camp. There are two workshop/gathering slots each day, after morning circle and after lunch. They are roughly 2 hours in length and we like to see a wide variety of activities for our community. Most nights we gather informally and sometimes there are offerings that organically arrive from our tribe. There are also daily empathy groups and a rich tapestry of folk to give you 1:1 support in your journey.

Children are a welcome and organic part of all aspects of camp life, so please expect comedic interruptions at all times, life is not meant to be too serious. There is no set childcare at this gathering rather we operate from a village responsibility philosophy, meaning that we get to know the children on camp, and collectively cater for their needs. There will be times when it's not appropriate for children to be present, particularly at some workshops.


If this speaks to you please don't hesitate to get in contact with Susie or Irina to take that first step. This event is by invitation only and at our discretion which means you need to know or have worked with either Susie or myself or you could be attending with someone who has attended previous events.


Adults 17 and up $500 (includes 3 meals, all snacks, tea and coffee and workshops/activities)

Adults 17 and up $600-$700 sliding scale ( includes 3 meals, all snacks, tea and coffee and workshops/activities and anything in excess to the $500 will go towards a volunteer spot)

Children 5-16 $400 (includes 3 meals, all snacks, tea and coffee, workshops/activities)

Under 5 are free

Volunteer slot is on application only. It's a subsidised prize for those who cannot afford the full fee. This person is required to be at camp one day before and after camp to help set up and tidy away.

Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming Village Building dates.

Financial Support and Donations

Wise actively supports people of low income.

Having been a single mother for the majority of my life, I have a deep compassion for folks in difficult circumstances. It absolutely takes a village, we are aiming to become that village.

Please get in touch and we will endeavour to support you. Together we look forward to bridging the gaps. Please reach out if any of the below applies to you:

  • Solo parents
  • Low income families
  • Folks who are struggling financially

Support someone in need with your donation.

Your donation will help someone to access services to improve their life. Pay to Susie Spiller 03 0156 0020008 000. Include donation as reference. Email me for receipt.


Contact me at to discuss your circumstances.