The Wise Support Crew


Irina Borowski

Irina Borowski is a passionate long time practitioner of body practices such as yoga and 5 rhythm dancing.

Her life long interest in food led her to all things fermented about 16 years ago. Her belief is that simple and nutrient dense food should be available to all of us, and she’s passionate to pass on time-honoured practices and traditions to people within a context of conscious eating.

She has a masters degree in Science, many years of teaching science to children, as well as yoga for adults. Irina has an exceptional ability to teach complex concepts in a humorous and accessible way.


Katherine Matthews

Katie Grace has been my apprentice of all things NVC for several years, she is also an extremely talented naturopath.

She is a leading naturopathic clinician, nutritionist and medical herbalist based in Auckland and Tauranga.

Katherine works as your advocate and educator, combining current scientific evidence with traditional naturopathic knowledge to create your personalised wellness plan. You will get nutritional and lifestyle advice, herbal medicine and supplements tailored specifically for you.

She has a particular interest in fasting regimes for health and in chronic disease.


Jim Lovell-Smith

Jim Lovell-Smith's areas of expertise is unprecedented deep compassionate presence.

Jim has been learning about and practicing NVC for 12 years. In the past 4 years he has also begun teaching Compassionate Communication workshops which provide an introduction to the basics of NVC.

He has found NVC to be helpful in his  relationship with his wife, his siblings and also with his children.

He worked as a project engineer (mechanical) for 17 years and in the latter years definitely found NVC effective in improving communication with workmates, customers and suppliers. He is also finding NVC helpful in changing the way he talks to himself, allowing him to be kinder and more self-accepting.


Valerie Wycoff

Valerie Wycoff Is a treasured member of the Summer + Winter gathering team. She has been practicing NVC for 12 years and teaching for 4 with her husband Jim. She enjoys offering empathy support for individuals. A growth edge for her is embracing conflict, she is grateful to have some training in mediation.

Her background is as a singer, singing teacher, and movement teacher (Feldenkrais Method). At NVC Family camp, she loves swimming, walking, playing games and collaborating with others to be creative, especially in our "No talent necessary" extravaganza.

Jim and I also offer NVC introductory courses online and in person (in Christchurch) for adults of all ages.
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Miro Zaleta

Miro Zaleta has a Masters degree in chemical engineering. Other roles have included high school teaching, radio news announcer and reporter, sales manager, hammer hand, full time father, small business owner, subcontractor, psychotherapy student, farmer, social engineer. The modelling career is a work in progress.

He is sensitive to any social justice misgivings; known as a stirrer; loved by some, misunderstood by many, notoriously engaging with authorities

In 2005 he  watched a video screening of Marshall Rosenberg’s introduction to NVC. within 10 minutes into the video he found himself hooked. He never looked back.