“Susie is one of those people who just ‘get it’ When you are falling apart and the world seems too hard, she can somehow make it all seem ok. Her voice is so calming and she has that clarity and calmness you need when you cant see the wood for the trees.

Susie has spent most of her adult life on a mission to truly understand people and how she can support them when the wheels are falling off. She is more qualified than anyone I know on the art of communication and understanding what people need to bring them back to that centred place so they can move forward in a more positive and meaningful way.

Susie’s empathy for others and the passion for what she does shines through her whole being. Whether is it teaching her students yoga, calming an overstretched central nervous system with that special touch, or supporting clients on the other end of a phone she is 100% present in everything she does. Susie’s workshops are also life changing and transforming for anyone who wants the full package.

Everyone needs a Susie to navigate through life. I can’t recommend her enough.”

~ Kaz Staples, Managing Director Pure Delish

“I had the great fortune of receiving my NVC foundation courses with Susie in 2016. From the outset her clarity and deep deep empathy, her passion for the work she is doing and her radical commitment touched me deeply. Her way and presence of delivering NVC, not as a head based training but embodying it as a lived alternative for a more beautiful world, was and is a blessing to witness.

She walked with me for a critical half year in the slipstream of the separation of my 20+ year marriage with deep empathy and a beautiful way to connect to my true feelings and needs and helped me unwrap my stories that created painful roadblocks.

I joined her NVC deepening training weekend in 2017. From that emerged further online deepening sessions with her facilitating a small group into deeper, fuller and embodied experiences of NVC. Her gentle unfolding of the beauty of needs will stay with me for life.

Since 2017 we meet often of NVC online dyad calls, where it is a gift to experience her facilitation – even in the adversity of technology glitches – and her ability to co-create an ever deepening container for the participants in the call, allowing them to experience this unconventional emotional intimacy.
I wish Susie all the best in her coming NVC years and with all her plans to take NVC out into the world. It is a real privilege and blessing to the country to have someone like her be a cornerstone of and for the Auckland and New Zealand NVC community.”

~ Thomas Dünser

“I had the honour of attending an NVC workshop hosted by three incredible women -Kristen Masters, Susie Spiller and Irina B. I want to share with you my experience of what turned out to be a deeply moving weekend.

I am completely new to NVC and had no expectations or preconceived notion of what I might be entering into, only that the two themes were Day One, Grief and Gratitude, Day Two Power and Privilege. Under Kristen and Susie’s gentle guidance, I was able to confront my deeply rooted grief, a grief that had embedded itself so far into my system that it had become part of an undercurrent I wasn’t even aware of. Being a yoga teacher I have an understanding of my body and it’s tension lines. I knew that a level of that tension was comprised of anxiety, however it was not at all on my radar that it could be grief. The relief of it came as a tidal wave of tears, held and supported by two warrior women who bore witness to my hurt and carried me with kindness. I was able to untangle knots in my diaphragm and was left with the lightness of a child. I’m eternally grateful for such a profound experience and would encourage those who are unsure or who have an element of fear to trust the process. I hold gratitude forever in my heart for these wonderful women.”

“I so loved your silent presense while I shared, it was palpable. I loved your contribution and care, the way you hold complexity with harmony.”

~ Janet Redmond