Corporate Care

Corporate Care

Our background in communication skills ensures we generate a culture of care which enables your team to build connection and resilience for themselves, and each other.

We grow their capacity to actively listen, empathically connect and live up to their true values and ambitions.

This in turn improves your collective capacity to create mutually better outcomes. In other words, refreshingly real communication ensures mind body balance.Generating job and life satisfaction and therefore productivity for your company.

We support your people to create a collaborative and sustainable future.

Help me build bridges in your workplace. Email me now, if you too reckon it’s about time  and you want your people to navigate life for themselves and others with some decent grounded skills.

Watch this if you’re ready for a game changer 

This brief moment in a video interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella – who has publicly recommended MBR’s book – shows the influence of NVC language on his thinking

So often we do not hear what is truly said in meetings, and lack capacity to bring forward our best solutions. This leads directly to lost opportunities and ineffective teams.

Wise is breaking the mold. We train people to take full self responsibility and to collaboratively work as a team.

Our background in Non Violent Communication enables us to empower your people and your team to build their capacity to actively listen, empathicaly connect and live up to their true values and ambitions.

This in turn does improve their life, job satisfaction and productivity for your company.

We increase harmony, productivity and success for both individuals and the organisations they work for.

Susie will support your people with access to ongoing consultation and supervision to enhance their interpersonal skills. She will also provide access to a wide range of holistic wellbeing practices to support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. See the services listed below.

• Access to communication coaching, facilitation, mediation, communication.

• Working remotely ensures confidentiality and access at all times via Zoom.

• Additional techniques if required for stress reduction such as breathing, meditation and relaxation to ensure the mind/body system works at optimal effectiveness.