About Wise

Wise is a grass roots organisation that supports Kiwis to access quality  communication and connection skills, ensuring the mind body system is given an optimal chance of navigating life.

We are alchemists in the fine tuning of the mind-body system.

When we are willing to take 100% responsibility for our own choices, then the chances are way lower of the blame game impacting relationship building . It absolutely takes a village to ensure our people have support and resources to navigate life. We are committed to lowering carbon footprint by encouraging working where possible online, We live in a world that discourages self responsibility and encourages seeking extrinsically solutions. This can be a lonely realization. We all need support and care, and we at Wise offer lots of village building.

We offer:

  • Weekly yoga classes
  • Accessible on line community calls
  • Private coaching
  • Business training
  • Affordable Summer + winter community camps

Within the Wise team there are several quality healthcare professionals. We look forward to directing you towards the kind of support you need, depending on the glitches unique to your matrix.

As Rumi says:
“Out beyond the ideas of right or wrong there is a field; we look forward to meeting you there.”

Lots of love

Susie + Irina